Salam everyone! I am kind of new around here but I find that this site is really helpful! I went to Morocco this past summer and I had the most wonderful summer of my life! This site helps me out a lot and I love learning more Darija through other peoples posts! Also because of this site, I am able to talk to many of the friends i made back in Morocco!Hopefully I will be able to travel back to Morocco this upcoming summer to spend it with all of my friends! :^^:

hey mmks13!
Welcome to speakmoroccan’s forum!
im glad ur interested in learning some darija :smiley:
feel free to ask any questions!
see u around!

Welcome to the forum, mmks13. :slight_smile:
I am glad that you find interesting posts here, and hope that you’ll keep learning loads with us. I remember when you came before.
So, see you around!

mr7ba bik mmks13 !


Welcome Welcome mmks13, where are you from?

Enjoy your stay, i promise you that you will learn A LOT MORE from this site and will start speaking more fluent than your friends back in Maroc :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m American…I live in New York.

Talk to you soon!