ana min australia, umi maghribiya. ana la tattakalem arabiya :frowning: umi allama daba… laykin ana kabeer … omri 20 :frowning:

inshallah ana ghada ila al-maghrib fi yolyo assana lqadima. ziyarat a’ilati

momkin tisa idni… chukran,

wa momkin latif alayhi (?)


Marhaba bik!

salam youssef, inchallah nta bikheir w kulchi mezyan.

ana mn ostoraliya aydhan w a3eesh fi melbourne… =)

ahlan w sahlan ma3ana… =)


ah uhib melbourne. mghraiba bzef! a3eesh fi sydney.fil hakika qarib min sydney… central coast… inti aref?

aywa a3raf…

bsalama khoya… thalla frasek

mer7aban bik ya youssef :slight_smile: !

Labas, Youssef

ana kadalik sakna f Central Coast !!

My darija is not as good as yours, could you translate the following for me, please :

allama =
laykin =
ziyarat =
tisa =
idni =
latif =
alayhi =

Shukran !

nonono my darija is not as good as yours. i think maybe these are all random dialects / quran because thats how i picked up my very limited arabic.

i could be wrong, but my understanding is
allama = teach
laykin = but
ziyarat = visit
tisa idni= help me (this one i am very uncertain about)
latif = kind
alayhi = to me

please correct me when i am wrong :slight_smile:


oh i didnt see! fin fi central coast?! inta aref ayy mghraiba?

We should move this to ‘Translation’, but I’m not sure how to do that.

Are you there SimplyMoroccan ? or could someone else help, please ?

(Youssef - Did you ask if I know Morocco ? aywa, ana mshit 5 d merat / I’ve been 5 times, son-in-law dyali maghrebi.
ana sakna f Erina Heights, wa anta ?)

sorry i asked if you know any moroccans :slight_smile: there are a few here!

ana sakna fi wyoming hehe, what are the chances :expressionless:

It’s a small world ! / dunya Sghira !

kan3ref ghir shi mghreba f Australia / I only know a few Moroccans in Australia.

(I know the word maghrebi = Moroccan, but I didn’t know the plural - hence the misunderstanding :slight_smile: )

Welcome to the forum, Youssef. :slight_smile:
I hope that you’ll find all what you’re looking for here. I see that you got to meet a few Australian forum members already.

Being 20 years old is not too late to learn languages, you know. So keep it up! I’ll do the correction part :).

@ Lisec:
No need to remove your above post, since it’s related to this thread and is not out of topic.
And to clear up your doubts:
Moroccan (m.s) = Mghribî
Moroccan (f.s) = Mghrîbiyya
Moroccans (m) = Mghârba
Moroccans (f) = Mghribiyyât

its never too late to learn a new language or dialect!

shukran SM

Our Australian contingent is growing, eh !
I wonder how many countries are represented here?
sHal d l-beldan hna ?

deba wherever you go u find moroccans :slight_smile:

mr7ba bik youssef !