Hi! I’m from Germany. I studying standard arabic for some time but that wasn’t that helpfull in Morocco. I’m working right now with Richard S. Harrell’s book.

Salut! Je parle aussi francais, mais anglais c’est plus facile.

hey nuwwara! :smiley:
Welcome to the forum!
Its nice to have u among us!

see you around! :slight_smile:

mr7ba bik nuwwara ! :welcome:

mar7ba a nuwwara !!
machallah you seem to be a very multi-lingual girl :hap: which is cooool !!
hope you enjoy your time here - and get lots of help :smiley:
et moi aussi je parle le francais, mais l’anglais, c’est plus facile, vraiment :wink: :lol:

Hallo Nuwwara. Ich heisse Sie herzlich wilkommen hier. :slight_smile:

That’s a nice nickname you got. Do you know what it means?
Why do you say fus7a wasn’t helpful in Morocco? People would find it strange that you speak standard Arabic to them, but you sure can get yourself understood. Or was it that you couldn’t understand them when they speak Darija back to you?

I hope to see you around, and that you’ll learn loads on the forum with us.

Thank you all.

@ Tukha
Yes. but that’s just a bit of the languages I’m learning.

Danke :slight_smile: It’s means flower, at least said that my dictionary and a halfasleep moroccan. Yes, the mean problem was, that I didn’t understand them and also not all Moroccans speak really fus7a. Also my arabic is not so good and I have problems to convince myself to speak arabic (fear), so I stopped trying to speak arabic and stared learning moroccan arabic.

salam welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

wish u’ll enjoy urself in the forum :slight_smile:


It’s good that you know what your nickname means ;). Now all you need is an avatar that goes with it.

I only because of it’s meaning I picked it. I see what I can do about the avatar…

Now you’re ismôn 3alâ mosammâ, as we say :D. “The name fits the named”.

shukran! I finally found a nice “nuwwara”.

cute :smiley:

welkommmmmmen :stuck_out_tongue:

tu parles francais? c’est bon.
you speak english and its easy? that’s even better
nti t3raf 3rabee (i know this one didn’t make sense :p)
&& German tooooo … excellent

Good on ya!!! :wink: you’re polyglot or what? :smiley:

Thank you!

I would say more multilingual than polyglot.

hehe yeah i was kidding anyhow :slight_smile: