Salam! How can I learn basic darija in 1 month?

Salam everyone. I’m a native English speaker who has just 1 month to learn darija. Obviously I know this is pretty much impossible but I’d just like to learn as much as possible in this time as I will be travelling to Morocco and would like to converse with my husband’s family. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Also I should mention that my husband’s family is from Tangier and I know different parts of Morocco have a slightly different way of speaking.

You probably won’t able to have deep cons but you can learn to introduce yourself etc.

Salamalykum hello Wa alykum salam in repley.
Kif nta, Kaydayer or Ash barafek mean how are you.
Mtcharafin Nice to meet you.
Ana Smit ek my name is name;

for real conversation it takes a while to learn that longer then a month.

Wnta means and you man, Wnti means and you for a woman. Learn that so you can introduce yourself morrocan you can’t learn that in just a month it’s a pretty challanging langauge.

How was your trip? Did you us some of the Darija you learned before going? What useful phrases did you pick up while there?