Salam from USA

[color=#6FBB44]Asalam Aleikoum everyone !! [/color]

[color=#6FBB44]Im kitty from the US. Im 22, a kindergarten teacher, and have a moroccan husband from casa :slight_smile: Ive wanted to learn the moroccan dialect for a long time now. My in laws dont speak any english and we havent been able to talk much at all. unfortunately, my husband is a very lazy teacher! [/color]

[color=#6FBB44]I am so happy to find this wonderful site and Im excited to start learning moroccan :slight_smile: I hope to visit there soon and put this new info to good use, inshallah! Thank you for creating such a great and useful site! [/color]

[color=#6FBB44]TC beslama !! xxx!
~ Kitty ~ [/color]

wa alaykum assalam kitty or mchicha ^^

Welcome to the forum, sure we will help you here just ask :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, Mchicha! We’re glad to have you with us, and hope that you’ll find us as helpful as you expect.
Do you know the Mchicha song by the Marrakechi band Fnaire? By the way, where are your in laws from in Morocco? :slight_smile:

Mr7ba bik Mchicha!

How advanced are you in Darija?
If you are just starting, I suggest that you get a bit familiar with our transcription, and everything else will come by smoothly.

Waiting for your questions. :slight_smile: