Salam Allykum, Im a new member

Salam Allykum everyone, Im a new member to this group. Im American and I live in Morocco with my Moroccan husband. Just stopping by to say hi and hope to talk to some of you soon, and just trying to learn how to speak Moroccan arabic and to sometimes use the translation service on this board.
Thanks for listening, take care.
Shukran, Salama, April
Skhirat, Morocco, Africa

Wa Allaykum Salam, welcome to the boards! How do you like living in Morocco?

Wa 3laykum salam sis, welcome to the forum. Enjoy your time

welcome with us, and enjoy your stay… oh by theway! why did you say salama, april?:roll:

Welcome to SpeakMoroccan, sweetcitywife.
How long have you been in Skhirat? I have never been there, how is it like?

@ Anisa:
Sweetcitywife meant to use the greeting Salam.

@ sweetcitywife:
This brings me to a correction I wanted to make. Salam means peace, as in a greeting. Adding an a at the end makes it a whole different word: safety. We actually say “ssalama”, when we see something odd, weird or unfortunate event., And we mean by that something like “may God protect us from this”.

and what about april?

I think that it’s her first name :).

hum very interested!

A small correction for you? :slight_smile:
You sure meant interesting (muhim), not interested (muhtamma) ;).

[quote=SimplyMoroccan]A small correction for you? :slight_smile:
You sure meant interesting (muhim), not interested (muhtamma) ;).[/quote]
sure! why not!
so i can say i’m interested in her name?

You probably could, but I’d say “that’s an interesting name”, instead.

ok, thank you!