salam alikum

hello how are all
how are all
i am so happy to find this nice site on net, iwas looking for maroc site to understand maroc words

i have so many maroc frineds all them are nice ppl
i wish u accept me s brother and friend for all
i know some maroc word and wish to have much maroc words and maroc frineds
by the way wish i be good frined to all
great wishes
ahmad from Jordan

hello ahmed!
welcome as a friend, happy to have you here! :hap:
have fun, and know that we’re all here to help and learn, too, inchallah xD

Welcom ahmad!!

Just look aroud here are a lot of words and nice people, not all of them from Morocco.

Assalamu Alaikum, Ahmad from Jordan. Welcome to the forrum!

hey Ahmad!
Welcome to the forum ou inchallah ye3jabak!
make yourself at home and ask any question u like!
see you around!

mr7ba bik Ahmad !


WOW you’re from Jordan !! ahla w sahla ! :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, Ahmad. I hope to see you become an active member :).
See you around!