Salam Alikom

salam alikom…

i am joining the forum to better my darija…i am of maghrebi descent, born in america…but i will soon be working & living “back home” :wink: inshAllah…

soooo…i want to use all avenues to really be able to communicate in darija…instead of just knowing and recognizing random words & phrases.


:welcome: ElMayZigh. mer7ba bik m3ana.
Congratulations for your futur come-back in your country.:hap:

Welcome to SpeakMoroccan, ElMayZigh. :slight_smile:

We have no clue if you are a male or a female :^^:. Not that it really matters, but as we are in a mainly language forum, it will matters when we’ll address to you in Darija ;).
When are you planning to come? To what city? If we can help you with anything, just ask.

See you around.

Mar7ba bik ElMayZigh ! :welcome:

mar7ba bik hna ElMayZigh! :slight_smile:

Mar7ba bîk f lforum ElMayZigh - enjoy it !

Mar7aban. Ahlan wa Sahlan.

Mar7ba bîk f lforum ElMayZigh.
I am sure you’ll like it and find it very useful.