salam alaykom

How r you doing?
I’m Mounia, moroccan student in France, i’m happy to be here:cool:
I’m native moroccan speaker, but with several problems in english lol that’s why i wanna improve my level:cry:
Madridista shows me your website so i can help people here who wanna learn darija and at the same time they can help me to learn more english…i visited some pages in the forum, i find it very nice, good and very interesting.
Hope to be an active members and learn more english with you :slight_smile:
Have a good time^^

Welcome mouniatoune
nice to see you here, and I hope you’d enjoy your stay with us.

you said Madridista showed you the site? nice nice :slight_smile: [rabena yostorha]…

glad to c u here sister :kiss2:

thx gretchen :slight_smile:
why rabena yostorha?lol

thank you borther^^

because of … someone :wink: forget about it and enjoy your stay here :slight_smile:

okey okey never mind^^

hahahahahahha gigi matkhalina 7elwine … di bte3raf 3anni kolli 7aga :^^:

everything :wink: or everything :hm: ?

both :flag:

ok mouniatoune, check out the new smilies cause there are some you are gonna need some for a particular raeson :wink:

salut Mouniatoune!
Welcome to the forum! et amuse toi bien

Welcome to the forum, Mouniatoune.
Madridista’s friends, are our friends. :slight_smile:
We are here to correct each other. We help people who are learning Darija, and we ask English native speakers to correct us. We’re all learning. So inchallah you will like it here with us.
See you around!

Mercii M-R & D-L :slight_smile:
lol Gretchen


Hello Mounia and :welcome: :slight_smile:
I hope that you’ll enjoy your time here on the forum with us =)

Have a good one & c ya around

:ma:[quote=Tafoukt]Hello Mounia and :welcome: :slight_smile:
I hope that you’ll enjoy your time here on the forum with us =)

Have a good one & c ya around[/quote]
back, i was bit busy with some exams
thanks very much sweetie:)

marhabatoune mouniatoune

ur mad’s sister???

mr7aba mouniatoune :bye:
hope u have a fun time here on the forums
cya around sis! :hap:

no she is not my sister … well almost she is but we r only friends … old friends :wink: