Salam Alaikum -

Hi, i am new here and wanted to say hello to all- I Recently married in Morocco and will move back there to live soon-trying to learn the language- I know English, Spanish, and very little Arabic.

Welcome to you JayLynn. Hope that you’ll fin on speakmoroccan all the help you need to learn darija.
How much did you learn so far? Greetings? Numbers?

actually, what i know is the egyptian way- since i use to go alot to Egypt. but, i do know the arabic numbers - as for Darija- i don’t know anything except for a few words that i learned when i was in Morocco… Many thx -for the reply Butterfly…

Also, i was trying to put my right time zone- but, am having trouble what to put…cany help? I am in california…thx.

For the time zone, go to your profile and then the first tab “essentials”. There, you can “set your localisation options” as you wish. Let me know if you have any trouble with that :slight_smile:

You’ll be easily understood if you speak Egyptian in Morocco (not ure how much you know), but it’ll be even better when you start speaking Darija :slight_smile:

Did you check my vocabulary blog? I hope that you’ll find it helpful.
Hey, see you around ^^

yes, i saw ur vocabulary blog- i started to make some flash cards-using the words u posted- :slight_smile: as for the location thing- i kept playing around with all the times until i got the right one… :slight_smile: as for the egyptian way- its all basics-

i didn’t see a option here if u can leave a private message- and that is OK,-am here to learn- :slight_smile:

have a wonderful day…

You’re right, I didn’t see the private messaging thingie either. But that will be managed hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Have a good day too :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: shukran- u have a good day to…

Welcome to you JayLynn :slight_smile:

Siso—shukran…mucho gracias (in spanish) :slight_smile: am happy to be here…