Salaams from Trinidad

[color=#9e048f]Salaam everyone :^^:
I’m Le-Ann from Trinidad and Tobago which are two islands in the Caribbean
I was told about this site from a friend and hope I can use this site and be of use here as well inshaAllah
InshaAllah I would like to learn more about Moroccan language and culture mashaAllah its very intriguing
ok take care all of you
stay blessed
ma’asalam :okay: [/color]

welcome in the forum Le-ann

Welcome among us mariamlelue :slight_smile:

mar7ba bik Le-Ann ! :welcome:

welcome le-Ann!!
it nice to have u among us!
make yourslef at home!

p.s. I use to have a friend in high school from trinidad & tabago, her name was Tisha! :slight_smile:

Wa 3alaykom assalam. Welcome among us, Le-Ann.
I hope that you’ll become an active member, and that you’ll learn loads from the forum and other members. Be sure that there will always be someone around to answer your questions about Darija and Morocco. Just ask away.
See you around!

[color=#9701ab]Awww wasalam all of you
thank you all so much for the welcome and the greetings
walah made me feel so happy
bless you all ya Rab
thank you …
abdessamad :blink: :^^:
elise_m :^^:
Hiba :^^:
MarocRulz awww thats cool , thought no one would know about trinidad lol :smiley: :wink:
and thanks admin SimplyMoroccan :^^:[/color]

[color=#9701ab]God bless you all
Peace!!! :okay:[/color]