I’ve been reading the forum off and on for months, trying to pick up a bit more Darija here and there…

My fiance is Algerian, and having gone to Algerie recently to visit and meet the family, I realized that there was only so far I could get with French (my fiance is Kabyle, and he and his family speak Kabyle and French primarily; but there are lots of other people I met I’d love to talk more to for whom French isn’t a primary language.) Sooo…time to buckle down and learn more Darija, before I go back! I know that there are some differences between how Algeriens and Moroccans use the language, but that they tend to be pretty mutually intelligible.

Also…a friend of mine lives in Rabat now, and I’ve promised I’m going to visit her soon. I have no excuse if I’m in the next country over, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, bonjour, salam, and saha bezef for this forum :slight_smile:

Welcome maryamblue!

Nice to meet you :wink:


sa7a akhti mer7aba 3ndana

marhba bik meryem ! dar darkom, as we moroccans say :^^: