Hello everyone,

After a wonderful vacation in Morocco I decided I wanted to learn the language. I took classes in the Netherlands and went for an intership to Morocco. There I took some Darija lessons as well. I learned a lot, and overall I had a great experience :-).

Unfortunately since I am back home I haven’t talked much Darija. I hope this forum can help me a little bit with practicing and doing some exersises. Also it is very nice to see so many people on this forum who have the same interest!

See you around.


mr7ba bik Sam !!! :smiley:
welcome to the forum

Thank you :^^:

hello Sam :hap:

I’m gald you had great time in Morocco and we’ll be happy to help you learning Darija.

Thank you for welcoming me :^^:

I did some exercises and read a lot. Still I have some difficulties understanding all the words, since some words are written different than I’m used to. But keeping up the spirit! It is very nice I found this forum!

Hey again Sam !

if you have any question, don’t hesitate to post it in the forum. We are here to help you :wink:

welcome samsels