Salaam, New Member Here :)

Hi, my name is Meriem and am a Moroccan raised in the US. I can speak simple darija and really need help in improving my speaking and expanding my vocabulary. It’d be great if you guys could be of help :slight_smile: I would love to be able to speak fluent and without hesitation when i visit there next year or the year after (without having to be made fun of by some people there, you know how some people are) :confused:

Thanks!!! :^^:

mer7ba bik meriama :slight_smile: Glad to have u among us!

hope u enjoy
and see you around

hey welcome mimi … i’ll make fun of u here :stuck_out_tongue: but ill help u too hihihihih
enjoy it :wink:

ps: can u write darija ??? with french pronounciation i mean

hello hello meriem, my name is zrire9 :smiley: lol

welcome to the forum and baleeeeave me you’ll learn so much here… even me as an ajnabiyya; im learning heaps wellah :wink:

hoping to see your moroccan self around here often :smiley:
take it easy

Welcome to the forum, Meriem.
Anything you need, just ask, and we’ll do our best to help.

Hi, Meriem !


Welcome Meriem
Nice to meet you :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll enjoy ur stay with us inchallah :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the welcome (:

i can kinda sorta write in darija, but i make lots of mistakes…
but i can read and understand darija pretty well, especially when someone’s speaking with me

oh great this is exactly what we need :smiley: mistakes in darija … we r learning here from mistakes
enjoy ur time duuude and dont disappear lol

trust me dudee, i’m not going anywhere :wink:

duuuuude i hear this all the time :frowning: mn be3d kanl9a rassi bou7di fl forum … chi merrat kfess :s kanl9a rassi m3a lalla aisha :’(

salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam mimi welcome with us dear inshalah you will learn alot with us and you will love our company
see u around:^^:

yeah i know what you mean…i’ll be on here and nobody’s on, but when i get off that’s when all the excitement is happenin :confused: i miss out on all the fun

i’m hoping for that CrazyCasawiya, thank you (:

owwwwwww pooor dont be sad youre not the only one its happend to me too lol

lol yeah thats true, it’s my poor timing i guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahhaahahaahhahahhah yeah it happens to all of us … since everyone lives f un fuseau horaire diff
walakin hania :d dima ghadi tel9ay messages that will make u loooooooooooooooooooool :stuck_out_tongue:

mimi im the one who suffers the most, i live in the down under… you can imagine the time difference :frowning:

wow, that’s a big time difference indeed!!!

madridista: i’m sure i’ll find a lot of that from you lol

welcome mim im mini (wer gonna get mixed up coz our nicks r soo similar haha)
ull have fun and ull enjoy the fighting btw 2 certain members…mentioning no names hehe :wink:

u mean ach and za3ma ? :stuck_out_tongue: