Salaam! I'm a new member!

Salaam everybody!

I have a relationship with a moroccan boy for three years and since I have been to Morocco I am really interested in learning Darija. They loved it there when I tried to speak Darija and ofcourse when (one day) I will meet my in-laws I hope to impress them with my Darija vocabulairy!

I live in Holland, am 27 years old and my Arabic - Darija is not good. I’ve collected words and phrases of the internet and placed them in a Word-document so I can practice. I hope that you all can help me if I need to know something!

Bye bye!!!:^^:


welcome CPJO

Thank you so much :lol: Shoukran bezaf!!!


Aww, the girl wrote a whole block of text to introduce herself to you guys, and you just respond with one or two words, come on!

CPJO, please don’t mind my friends. The thing is, actually, that many people just come, introduce themselves, get a translation, and leave. So I guess we have lost faith in them over here, and stopped being excited about new comers. I hope you’ll prove them wrong ;).

See you around, shall we?

You’ll see me around :slight_smile: Promise! :^^: