salaam asdiqi wa asdiqaati … ana youssef

kansakn fi maghreb daba qareeb min whad 3am… mli wasalt ana ma kontch kandar walo walaykn daba hamdolilah neqdar nhdar chwiya

mochkil dyeli mazal kandir bzaf dyel aghlat… wa mazal ma kanfhem kol wahad ghir ila 3indom sowt wada3 o kayhadro bi chwiya

mazal ma kanfhemch aflam o mosalsalat meziane

mochkil thani - fil awal ana kont qra arabiya fosha f wahad madrassa hna… ghir 3 choor walaykn daba 3indi sowt dyel khalijeeen… kol wahad kaysowloni wach ana min philistine o iraq o chi hajja nariii. fi haqiqa asli maghribi!

daba ana ghir bghit ila yeqdaro 3owni tsa7ni fi hadak aghlat sagheer… ana motaakid kaynin bzaf wakha fi hadak (qissa)

chorkon bzaaf 3likom :slight_smile:

salam, youssef

trzm had lklmat, men fedlek :

aghlat =
wada3 =
aflam =
mosalsalat =
khalijeen =
asli =

shukran !

im not 100% sure on any of these :smiley:

aghlat = bzaf dyel ghalat - khata2 - errors / mistakes

wada3 - not sure about this, i think it means means clear… might be wade7
aflam - bzaf dyel film - films, movies

mosalsat = bzaf dyel mosalsa… tv series or dramas

khalijiieen - people from gulf states… khaleej means gulf… like uae and surrounding countries

alsi - background or origins

:slight_smile: sorry if i got any wrong i think someone better than me can correct me!

hi youssef … welcome to SM :slight_smile:
look :smiley: dont worry about moroccan movies coz even moroccans cant understand that shi* lol so its not really a big deal
and about ur accent … sorry we cannot help u here … u have to speak a lot with moroccans to get used to darija accent and then step by step u change it … i know how it sounds when u learn fus7a first then darija … but its not a big problem .

and about mistakes YES we can help u here … what u have to do is writing a lot of threads in darija and then we all will correct u :wink:

Ps - its wade7 … with 7 not 3 :wink:

shokran youssef wa Madridista

I’ll have a go at translating your post, Youssef. It’s a good exercise for me, and I hope it may be useful for others, too.

“I have lived in Morocco for nearly a year … when I came I couldn’t speak at all, but now hamdolillah (thanks be to God) I can speak a bit.
My problem is I still make a lot of mistakes and I can only understand people when they speak clearly and slowly.
I still can’t understand films and tv series very well.
My other problem - at first I did a Modern Standard Arabic (fos7a) course at a college here … only 3 months, but now I speak like a Middle Easterner / someone form the Gulf States … everyone asks me if I’m from Palestine or Iraq or something (?? narii = like that??), actually my background is Moroccan.
Now I would just like if you could help me ??tsa7ni?? with these small mistakes … (??)
I ??motaakid?? there are a lot ?wakha fi hadak ? of those (qissa)??
Thank you very much.”

hi lise :slight_smile: well done… good to know i have some words right! :smiley:

for those words you didnt get… again im not confident theyre right… but ill try anyway…

tsa7ni - correct me

motaakid - (am) sure

wakha fi hadi - even in this

qissa - story… (not sure what else to call it)


shukran, Youssef. :slight_smile:

Kantmnna native-speakers ghadi-i3wnu ila kan lazem.
= I hope native-speakers will help if necessary.