[ringontes ??] & Congratulations Hiba !!

non, dommage :frowning: c’est elle qui m’a introduit a ce forum (correct my french, pleases, if required) mais pas en MSN :frowning: je parle avec elle, mais juste sur youtube. et je l’ai demandé ‘OU ES-TU’ mais elle n’a pas répondu


et nuwwara… LOL, you made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe she has exams? I wonder.

It’s always good to laugh and it’s also healthy :mdr:

For Hiba: J’espere qu’elle est bien et elle va être bientôt ici.

By the way is there a reason why you are talking about her in French?

@ SM: possibly :slight_smile:
@ nuwwara: no reason whatsoever, apart from the fact that i have random outbursts of french :hap:

and you’re right about the laughing, definitely! :lol:
i do it toooooo much hehehehe, my ribs suffer, but it’s all goood :smiley:

Tukha, you should be honest with Nuwwara, since she actually seems to be aware of what we were doing.
Okay, let me confess… We were talking about her in French because she doesn’t really speak it, so we were hoping to talk on her back shwiyya without her noticing. But of course, you were around and you ruined our evil plans. :fouet:

Now I really had to laugh… Don’t forget you are the Admin here you can delete our post…

So Tukha than you must be really healthy…

That was a JOKE :D.
I don’t delete but spam and duplicate messages ;). Your post doesn’t fulfill the needed criterion.

Yes, yes. I should use more smiles…

Oh, you’re a nice Admin, I delete way more than that…

i miss hiba!!
shta2tella kteeeeeeeer/ twa7eshtha bzaaaf
she use to post almost everyday!

LOL this is funny :lol:
MDR SM :stuck_out_tongue: !!! oh no, nuwwara caught us out, we’ll have to talk chinese now :frowning: (assuming hiba doesn’t… i have no idea LOL!) neehao :hap:
and nuwwara, i laugh so much, i’m sure it’s quite UN-healthy :wink: hahahaa :smiley:

Have fun with chinese, that some of the (few) languages I have no interest in…
No no, there isn’t something as to much laughing. Ok maybe it isn’t healthy if you choke on something…

HAHAHAHAAA… choking i have done many a time on laughter :smiley:
and LOL, i have zéro interest in chinese :frowning: my friend at school signed up for it and forced me to tag along :lol:
i learn nothing, because i am trying to block it out. i don’t want anything itnerferring with my darija LOL

Oh; it’s not that bad to learn different languages at the same time, you just have to train switching between languages, too. I’m taking classes in 4 different languages, I’ve to concentrate on MSA and I’m learning darija. But Chinese? Nope.

machallah i guess you’ve been blessed with that
i don’t know if i’m blessed and i’m not about to take the risk of losing my darija & french just to find out :stuck_out_tongue:
i shall INCHALLAH close-to-perfect those, then possibly try more. although i can’t think of a language i have interest in like those. possibly spanish. hmmm…

Spanish is a nice choice.

Nope, just practise. I only good at understanding logic things (that would be maths and science), but languages aren’t always so logic…

yeahhh, that’s definitely true. languages are full of rules, and the rules are full of exceptions !!! :smiley:
but still, i love them hahaha :slight_smile:
moi, je mange des nouilles :slight_smile: avec le gout de CURRY? (curry flavour, c’est quoi?)

[quote=tukha]moi, je mange des nouilles :slight_smile: avec le gout de CURRY? (curry flavour, c’est quoi?)
Saveur curry?

Hey Tukha, Nuwwara really beat you :D. She didn’t loose time!
Ladies and gentlemen, Nuwwara is in the top 9 ;).

Hehe. But with a lot of non sence…