I’m new here… and don’t make fun of my darija cos it’s from the north… LOL

We are not going to make fun of you, we’re here to help people learn and to learn about the differences of Moroccan dialects too, so don’t you worry about that.
Welcome aboard :).

Thanks a lot. just kidding, I love my northern accent.

From your nickname, you’re Riffi too? Any effect on your Darija from your mother tongue? (Assuming that you’re riffi).

Mr7ba bik a riffman. We’d love to learn more about the Northern accent.

Wenti a Butterfly, ya l3ayla :mdr:, khalli 3lik rrajel! :hap:

my accent must be mixed with marocolatino. Actually I only speak tamazight with my Mom, my brothers and sister I talk to in Darija…
for instance for a boy we say: L’3ayel for a girl: L’3ayla (as Bnita pointed out LOL!!!) while the south would say:Ould for boy and Bent for a girl.

maroco…latino? that sounds like a little spanish… is it?

a mix of portuguese and spanish.

Ma drt lo walo :smiley: (Attempt to sound shamaliyya).

So it’s not tarifit? I thought it was so!

you can’t sound shamaliya by using the ver do “dirt”, we don’t use that… LOL
we use 3melt "orininal from the word 3amal in arabic,
so it should sound something like this…
Ma 3meltlou walou assahbi!!

I knew it!! I just missed it by…arg!
And Bnita isn’t a man to call her sa7bi :smiley:

Ma 3mlt lo walo ya la3ayla.
And does that sounds shamali now? :smiley:

now it definetly is from shamal!!!