Remedy for procrastination ????

is there any? and what are they?


loooooolllll i suffer from this all the time … when u find a cure goulihali

ufffff wellah it’s soooo bad

no cuure

juss consequences

looooool za3ma that makes me feel much better, really.

loooollll yeah she is helpin us thnx ze3ma

it’s okay if you fail your studies, nothing out of the ordinary, but MEEEE, i HAVE to pass… I went to the library today so i can study but la fayda :frowning:

What ??? its what ?? ordinary :frowning: rabina ysam7ak ya zalem
dude i hate library :frowning: a lot of girls i cant focus on my studies :s

yaaaaahhh or u a nerd like me?

in my library it was asian day. soooo many of them

loooolll is there an arabic day too ?

not at my uni… arab day happens at the crapper unis :stuck_out_tongue: and it is arab day EVERYDAY there, so manyyyy of them, especially saudis and khalijis, now they’re coming in more… at my uni though its either indian day or asian day

looollll ok ok no moroccan then … good

no wayyy no moroccans around here, very rare… but my friend JUST told me her neighbour is moroccan, so im thinking i’ll visit her neighbours the next time im over at her place

looolllll dont forget to bring me FB’s if they have girls :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhh shut it! i don’t wanna harm people by the first time i meet them

hahahahhhahha duuude they are moroccans … ghadi ntfahmo binatna :stuck_out_tongue:

dumnut… 10 days + it’s jum3a today … matnsich (?)

and no mansitch :stuck_out_tongue: lol

lol are u blind i said matnsich not mansitch anyway its normal for you, u need to sleep


huh? what do u mean by matnsich ???