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I would like to introduce the band of Outlandish and OneVoiz in the forum :slight_smile:

Outlandish is a Rap and R&B Group devoutedly religious and well known by their deep lyrics. They have already sung with Sami Yusuf in two of their tracks . In fact am quite obssessed with this this GP hehe oops. It’s consisted of three singers : Isam Bashiri ( Moroccan) , Waqas ( pakistani) and Lenny ( Hinduras). They are based in Denmark. One of their well known tracks is Aicha in English .

I also wanna introduce OneVoiz as a new Moroccan Rapper based in Holland whose real name is Ahmed Mahrach. His songs are loaded of deep meanings especially about the hardships of Muslim immigrants in Europe and the hatered being spreaded in the world. In bref, his songs are about life in general.

Aicha by Outlandish

It’s my life by Onevoiz

Callin U by Outlandish

ok enjoy and peace

They’re my favorite too ! :smiley:

I like aicha, walou, look into my eyes, I only ask of God, Reggada, Fatima’s hand… :^^:


Oh really u like them aaaaaaaaa i can’t believe that i found a Moro in here …nice to meet u Moro :slight_smile:
hehe have u ever heard by this website :slight_smile:

www.elmoro4life.com this website is devoted for Outlandish n there’s a Forum there too

it’s ran by a friend :wink:


ya i like the the song aicha n walou by outlandish!

Oh mashAllah another Moro aaaaa hehe am happy that i found ppl appreciatin OL songs in this forum :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you too moro !

Yes thanks I know that site it’s great and I have an account :smiley:


hehe u have an account there :slight_smile: , i have one there too n i think i know a great deal of ppl there :smiley:

thank u Hiba nd Marocrulz :slight_smile:

I’M A MORO TOOOO :slight_smile:
i LOVE reggada, and aicha [but cheb khaled’s has to be a thousand times better, no doubt about it] :wink: and others :smiley:

welcome Tukha :slight_smile: am so happy to know that u r a moro too aaaaaaaaa yay


[quote=abdessamad]hehe u have an account there :slight_smile: , i have one there too n i think i know a great deal of ppl there :smiley:

thank u Hiba nd Marocrulz :)[/quote]
NO PROBS…ur welcome

thankyou abdessamad :smiley:
i’m happy i’m one tooo :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Marocrulz, tukha, and abdessamad :smiley:

thank YOU hiba

hiba madaa ala77ig aleeech !!
you’re posting on all these forums and you’re so fast LOL

wooooooooooooo im also a morooooo… el moro 4 life =]


I don’t think I’m really fast…

and thank you MonPaysMarOc :slight_smile:

i dooooooo :stuck_out_tongue: but alhamdullah i managed to keep up LOL :lol:

welcome MonPaysMaroc :slight_smile: am so happy to find my moros in here


Ooo Nice Job brows, I like the My life one I actually start shaking lol
Good art and lyrics keep it up and if you guys need a raper let me know! :slight_smile:

aww Thanx Abdel for the comment …OneV is a good rapper …n got one question if u ever heard of Immortal Technique !!