question again :)

Hi guys :slight_smile:
I need in your help again…

For example, if a person depressed and feel tired and you want to support him and say smth nice what would you say ?
in darija of courseee :slight_smile:
and if we discussed this somewhere I ll be glad for some link…

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Hello Toutitta

mmmm…it actually can be said in many many ways cuz it depends on a-the problem of that person & b-how much the other care to support him.

Can u give me English examples ? & i’ll see if i can find equivalents for them…

Hi Mahmood :slight_smile:
You always ready to help :okay:

mmm… I want to know how to say smth like:

Everything will be good !
or No need to worry - life is wonderful !
or maybe: I want you to feel happy always !
Don’t think alot about everything!

Just I m not sure about equivalents… In Morocco you can say smth different in this case maybe :unsure:

m’kaaay…let’s see

1 - Everything will be good ! = “kollshi ha ykoon mzyan Inshallah” <— yeah, this can be said in such situation (we add “Inshallah” as Islamic tradition strongly apears in similar cases).
It can also be said as “kollshi ha ydooz bykhyr Inshallah” (everythin will pass in a good way i.e. an exam…etc)

2 - No need to worry = ma kyn 3lash/mnash tkhaf/fi or ma 3ndk 3lash/mnash tkhaf/fi <— these also sound good.

  • life is wonderful ! = l7ayat zwina <— this does not ! it’s not that its bad or sth, but sounds a lil strange.

3 - I want you to feel happy always ! = bghitk/bghit lik tkoon dima fr7an/mzyan

4 - Don’t think alot about everything! = ma tkhammamsh bzzaf / ma tfakkarsh bzzaf

here are others:

  • hanya, ma dirsh f balk = it’s ok, don’t occupy your mind with it.
  • 3ish 7yatk w ga3ma tkhammam = continue living & nevermind
  • …

can’t think of others, as i said, it depends on the situation itself, this is like telling a poem or sth…u need the right place, moment & reasons.

[quote=Touta]Hi Mahmood :slight_smile:
You always ready to help :okay:[/quote]
my pleasure, really :^^:

thanks bzafff to the asker and the answerer of the question :slight_smile:



Allah yeje3lak dima farhane

Thanks Za3ma :ok:

And if I want to say: My best wishes to you … ?

A7san/atyab tammanniyati lik

Thank youu :wink: I can use it for man and woman both ?
hania 3lik means smth the same or not ?

yes for both men and women

hania 3lik hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm
no doesn’t mean best wishes
more like its okay
i think


Guuuuuys !

…does it mean smth: …yajouj wa majouj :unsure:

hahhahahahahahahah touta who told u this ? well this is a story in the quran about two huge guys one is called yajouj and the other majouj …
where did u c that ?

The tribes of Gog & Magog,

@Mad, it’s a Biblical story too, & they’re tribes not 2 people (in both Quran & Bible)

dude u don’t have to know everything stop asking her 50 q’s

just to add: they’re not “two men” but rather “two tribes or groups of people” as far as i know

in english btw, its called gog and magog… and im soooooo interested in learning abut them :smiley:

dude im moroccan :^^: et chui fidel a ma culture hhhh

ohhh… One guy said this…
But I couldn’t ask him abt meaning because I didn’t want to look like a stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

He said this like… it seems the meaning should be clear for everybody :unsure:

not for meee only looool

Thanks alot :smiley: !!!

I m going to search smth abt this :wink:

loooll dont search a lot hhhh u will find a loooooooooooot of lies about them :^^:
(even in islamic websites )

u do it :okay:

do it do it do it

and tell us what you find :wink: i love reading about the signs of judgement day w tout ca… even though i shouldn’t be THAT THAT interested… there must be something wrong with me :unsure: