Pronouns in Tashl7it

Think I gotta start with Pronouns now ! since u are excited haha :slight_smile:

I = nki /
you = kii (male ) Kmii( female)
He = n’ta
She =n’tat
They = n’tni ( male) n’tnti ( female)
We = n’kni
you ( plural) = K’ni (male) K’nimt( female )

N.B: we refer to things accordin to their gendres ! so no "It "


wow its so different and amazing…
chukrannnn abdessamad, i will start learning riiiiight away :slight_smile: i will never forget this kindness by you and SM :okay::hap:

WOW it’s soooo coool!
so, is it like french, where if you talk to a group of male and female, you just use the you (pl) for males?

btw it really cool but hard to pronounce …

yeah tukha ! like French u use the male form (kni)when u r talkin to a group of male and female

seems hard to pronounce :blink:
But I’ll try to learn too :^^:
thanks for the efforts abdessamad[/color]

people are saying it is hard to pronounce, how are we knowing how to pronounce it correctly? :smiley:
and also, you use an apostrophe, is that just to separate two letter sounds, or is it an ‘2’ sound, like the hamza in arabic?

In this topic, I noticed just one person who said that it’s hard to pronounce, which is one person, not too many lol, and about if they knowing or not? I’ve no Idea, when they coming ask them :smiley:

Now back to your Question: Wait until abdessamad coming, and tells you. He’s the teacher of Tashl7it

InshAllah it’s not that difficult to pronounce ! and we should sort out this prob of pronunciation ! Hmm Yeah Tukha i put the apostrophe on some given letters to stress them. The same thing in English we have stress in phonetics :slight_smile: so i tried to apply that in here .

E.g : the word " can" , we gotta stress the letter C not A or N etc


LOL loubna! well actually, two people said it, raissoun and mariem :hap: but you are right, it’s not too many hahahaa! hey, it’s the arabness inside me; i tend to exaggerate :wink: well, anyway, your comment made me laugh :lol:
and thankyou abd, i understand now, choukran!

Wow that’s amazing :smiley:

wow can someone record themselves saying them!
I have no idea how to say these!

I agreeeee!

Moroccan Arabic is grammatically simpler, and has a less voluminous vocabulary than Classical Arabic. It has also integrated many Berber, French and Spanish words.

Moroccan Arabic has a distinct pronunciation nearly unintelligible to Arabic speakers from the Middle East. It is heavily influenced by Berber pronunciation,