plural of jenniya

is what i’m after

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It’s Jenniyat, (like msattya —> msattyat) but generally we say “jnoon” in referance to a plural including both genders.

barakallahu fik!!!

gonna be very useful when people ask me of what specie i am

there r ppl who say Djenia :stuck_out_tongue: maybe jbala … dont remember where i heard it
i know u like to know different accent of morocco so add this to ur empty brain :wink:

That’s Djezayry, Djebli & Reefy (Dj = J)

what about chamalia ?? mafihach ?

Depends !
In Tangier/Asilah/Tetwan/la3raysh for example , they don’t say “medjmoo3” but they say “Djom3a”, they don’t say “medjmar”, but they say “djommar”, they don’t say “djeddi / djedda” but they say “l 7adj/dja” …etc

mmm interesting … another question : can u tell me how i can know if a guy is djebli or chamali ?? is there any special words a djebli says that chamali ppl doesnt

weeeeel :roll: there are few words i remember for the moment…

“shni ka t9i” instead of “shni ka ddir”, Djebli is a Shamaly too…but Djebli is a lil closer to Algerian i think.

hhhhhhhhhhhh duuuuude dont say this to someone from tangiers/tetuan/asila :stuck_out_tongue:
djebli is djebli and chamali is chamali :^^:

You should include what jenniya means in English for other people who are learning and reading this…

So for the record, jenniya is the singular feminine of Jinn.

In Morocco, whenever someone says the scary word jenoun, jinn, jenniya or jenni, we say: bsssssmllah rr7man rra7im! (in the name of God, most gracious, most merciful)

… by fear of being stroke by a Jinn who happens to be around, and who hears you calling out its name…


Don’t even get me started on the Jinn discussion

But I can’t keep this to myself though, just adding one more thing: Where do Jinn live?

According to Moroccan myths, Jinn live in the ceilings, in the stairs, in the WC, and the sewage. Therefore, it’s not good to talk or sing in the WC. And it’s not good to use the stairs in total darkness.
And the biggest no-no is to pour boiling water into the sewage… be it your kitchen’s sink or whatever sink. Why? Because you’d burn a baby Jinn living there, or an adult Jinn, and they will want to take their revenge of you…

…& don’t throw a very hot water in bathroom (or ur kitchen sink) :gh:

EDIT; btw the hot water thing is not Moroccan tradition, it does exist in Hadiths if memory servs.

said it above :wink:

personally makankhafch ykhrejli jenn f dlam :s kter makankhaf ykhrejli chi meskhout lwalidini b jenwia f chi derb me9tou3 medlam :no:

You technically cannot see a Jinn, brother, you just can’t.

Ah, you meant in the stairs? The problem is not seeing them, it’s them making you fall, y3akklouk lolllll so you should take 2 seconds to turn on the lights to be safe.

Of course all of the above are Moroccan beliefs that are not rooted in religion, and I don’t personally endorse them.

who said you can’t see jinns? some people doooooo

and apparently they can be preeeeeettty nasty