planning a beatiful trip

i don’t know if this is the right place to post this topic…anyway i beg your pardon if it isn’t…

i’m planning a trip to morocco next month,i’ll take a plane to casa airport,do you how much will it cost me a taxi to the city of casa? are they expensive in morocco? i looked up for 20-30 km to be covered by taxi

waiting for your answers and advices

you dont want a taxi. you want to go downstairs to the train, there are signs everywhere. then by a ticket for casa port or casa voyageurs. it depends where in casa you want to go. look up your address, and search google map location between your location, casa port et casa voyageurs. if you have no destination, you are just going to find a hotel, go to casa port. this is my suggestion. llah 3wnik fcazanegra.

thanks achmnfar9… yes casa it’s a big city…but if i land there at about 10 pm… there will still be trains going to casa?
llah 3wnik fcazanegra. <-----------what does it mean? :angel:

according to the schedule for regular weekday travel the last train (akhir 9itarrrr you will hear lol) leaves at 20:00 from the airport. dont know if this is for you or not. again casa is very big, it depends on where you are going. hotel? do you know which? if you are a woman travelling alone at night at 10 pm and you are going to the cheap hotels of casa in the center near marche central, you want to take care. if you are staying at ibis casa voyageurs or staying at your friends villa in 3ein diyab or anfa it is a different story. another story yet again if you are meeting your chatroom boyfriend near derb lghalef. so it depends. and for the taxi or train or bus, it depends if you have money to spend for your most comfortable ride.

tell your plan, or if you are too private, you can send me or admin or paperbird or someone like this a personal msg.

then we can help you.

it means god help you in black casa, not white casa, like what casablanca means. it can be a tough city :).

The taxi fare will probably be mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide (which maybe you can consult in a bookshop;), or you could ask on their site called the Thorntree.

The petit taxi fare from Casa Voyageurs (train station) to Marche Central should only be about 10 dirham* plus a few dirham depending how much luggage you have. Although I was once charged 100 dirham and was too dopey to object - I blame my jetlag, after a 26 hour flight!! (Anyway, I reckon the taxi driver needed the money more than I did! - still a bit of a cheek, though!)

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Train is more comfy n’ cheaper than the taxi.
Train costs only 40 DHS to CASA VOYAGEUR, taxi could cost 200 DHS, 400 DHS… sometimes it costs over the 400 balls. You should be a hard negociator with the taxi’s driver. :slight_smile:

Except that, taxis are always availables. Train depends on hours… last train to casa leaves at 10 PM. the followin’ one come till midnight… Make ur choice then… with safety !!

Hope you know people in Casa, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere (when I was there for the day) without one of my moroccan male cousins by my side… my dad wouldn’t even let me bring my purse or my cellphone, I got the picture that it’s not very safe there. :slight_smile:

:no: after hearin this even me i wont go to casa loooolll

we need here my touta , she went to casa alone many times and she may help u with her experience
touta 7biba 3awni sarah meskina :okay:

:mdr: :ok: :ok: well my plan is going to casa alone,i won’t meet any friend and i will land at 21(22 for moroccan hour) in casa…
yes also a friend of mine when heard that i was going alone to casa at night told me so much frightening things… ouch! so maybe i could sleep in the airport…hihihi very insane idea :smiley: i haven’t booked a hotel yet as i was triyng to match cost and position…near centre/station etc…

hi, sarahzina2 may i call u Sarah? :wink:

ur soooooooo lucky, ur goin to see Casa!

:cry: miss it so much …

well, MAD is right i went to Casa alone all times and i never booked hotel and i didn’t have there anyone to meet me at the airport :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe because im used to travel alone i don’t see big problems here

anyway there is no problem to take a taxi, there are alot of drivers who are waitin for ppl, u can only show them an address or ask to bring u to some hotel …

i won’t say that travelling alone in the night is safe or smth haha but i always do that and i never face any troubles, moroccans are nice ppl and they always ready to help haha sometimes i could find myself standing with many many moroccan ppl around who are discussin how to solve MY problem lolll

abt prices … it depends but if u want to take a taxi, it will cost not less than 200 dirhams … but sure, first they will say 350 or more, then 300 :smiley: u just should show them that ur not a stupid tourist (sorry) and u know smth :stuck_out_tongue:

so Sarah i dont know what to say else, i need a certain questions but sure if u need help, just ask :wink:

this is my touta

oh sure Touta! call me Sarah…
how many times did you travel to casa alone? well to tell the truth it’s my first time in morocco,and my first time travelling so far all alone…
thanks anyway…so if i won’t find a train from the airport i’ll try to take a taxi,taxi driver will be my guide :mdr: :mdr:
ah! what about money? when you arrive you have dollars/euros and so on in your pockets,can you change them near the airport?
how it works changing money? they will give you a paper saying you changed 100/300 dollars and when you will leave you HAVE TO change back the remaining money?


ah i’m sure everything will be good though it’s ur first time in Morocco! wishin u much luck!

abt trains i know that the last train is at 10pm, so if u arrive at ten as u’ve said, u can’t go to Casa by train … anyway u’ll need time to take ur luggage and so on … it takes time … and btw u will need to change money right after arriving because ur going to pay taxi driver with dirhams loll

but here again there is noooooo problem because right in the airport u will find a place where u can change ur money, a man there works at night to … dont worry … i did it not one time :wink:
in next days u can change money also without any problem, there are many places of currency exchange … and everywhere u will pay by dirhams … if some money leaves in the end of ur trip, just change them back to dollars or euro, because u know, moroccan dirhams can be used only in Morocco :stuck_out_tongue:

Casablanca is good, i really really hope u will like it and will tell us abt ur experience :wink:


after readin all what touta wrote hhhhhhhhh and it was really so interestin, ive read also her quote : ''Don’t follow me, I’m lost ‘’
so sarah dont follow her hhh

poor me Madridista! which one can i follow? Touta’s quote says she’s lost…but your is about madness :mdr: :mdr: :flag:
woow paying in dirhams! would be such a different thing… i looked for some prices on internet (hotels etc…) and you know…when i saw numbers like 300-400-500 :mdr: i was having a little stroke… hihihihi but the change reassured me that those were just 30 or similar euros :okay:
i’m soooooo happy,when i come back i promise i’ll tell you about my moroccan adventures…hihihi i’m planning to see also the centre-south maghrib marrakech,ouarzazate…essaouira

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so ur now between a mad and lost lolll
OHHH poooooooooooor sarah

hahaha Sarah u know when ur lost, at least once u can be found, and when ur mad ohhhhh that’s forever loll
MAD knows what i’m talkin abt :smiley:

lol yeah dirhams are different a bit

oh great! i’ve visited those cities and really wanna hear ur impressions!
… and what abt Rabat? it’s very close to Casablanca … u can go by train (during the day there are alot of), take a walk and then get back to Casa … it deserves to be seen to :slight_smile:

here is my suggestion:

you must plan for the taxi, as touta said, because probably you will arrive too late.

i suggest since you are alone, you go to l’auberge de jeunesse. it is an internationally-affiliated youth hostel, maybe you can meet some other travelers; it is cheap.

i think it is a good option for you because even though it is inside the medina, it is just next to the wall on the seaside, so very easy for a taxi to take you very close.

bad, achminfar9 directions :stuck_out_tongue: :

you will be coming from south of casablanca with the airport, and this area is right next to the northern ocean border of the city. if he does not know how to get to the auberge, you can tell him the bvd almohades…this is the big street that goes between the coast of the ocean and the medina wall. with the medina on your left and the ocean on your right, eventually this road would lead to la squala, an old fort with cannons (now a restaurant) and then it would come to hassan II mosque. if you see this fort, or the mosque you went way toooo far. the door you want is maybe 500 meters before the fort. this is a door in to the medina that is right next to the auberge, but it’s not labelled on google maps sorry.

i think he will know, and anyway he can ask some people no problem on the way. at the worst, he will drop you on the wrong side of the medina (where you see the old downtown of casa leading in to the medina and you cant see the ocean. then you go to the medina door and you ask someone who looks like they can help.

i find this area of casa medina to be very safe, much better than the streets around marche central, downtown casa.

the staff is very friendly to girls, not so friendly to guests like me :).

here is the address, phone number, email. even if you don’t make a reservation, and they tell you they are full, there are a few slightly more expensive hotels next to the auberge with always open rooms.

6 Place Ahmed Al Bidaoui
Ville Ancienne

Tél. 212-522-220551
Fax. 212-522-227677

in casa i hope you go 2 el habouss. in rabat chellah. dont expect to swim in essaouira it will be too cold & windy :S

yeah…never tought about visiting it…but well,if it’s so close,so easy to be seen, why not?
@achminfar9 woow! you great! it’s really a good suggestion,i didn’t know in casa there will be something like a youth hostel…
but maybe i’ll be ripped off by the taxi driver :mdr: if the airport it’s in the south side and auberge north side…hihihi
anyway thanks achminfar9
yeah i can’t wait yeaaaaaah :hap: :^^: