Past tense.

I get really confused with present and past in darija, i can’t always tell the difference.

If it isn’t too much, can someone just conjugate these for me:

I came
You came (m. & f.)
He came
She came
We came
They came
You (pl) came

& also the present tense

I’m coming
You’re coming
He’s coming
She’s coming
We’re coming
They’re coming
You(pl.) are coming

Merciiiiiiii bzaf d’avance :smiley:

what about having a look here

You’ll find explanation on the word “kteb” (= to write). Hope that would help, then, as a kind of exercise, do it yourself with the verb to come “ja”…well, I think this verb would be difficult for some vowel-related reasons. As an exercise, try it on the verb (to play = l3b)
[I wanted to give you the answer on (ja) but I’ll wait a while till I see if this site helped or if some native friends out here would explain it better]

yalla, good luck :wink:

the past :

ana jit
nta jiti
howa ja / hya jat
7na jina
ntoma jitou
homa jaw

the present
ana jay
nta jay
howa jay / hya jaya
7na jayin
ntoma jayin
homa jayin

lalla do it now by urself with the verb ‘‘mcha’’ :stuck_out_tongue: dont cheat

thanks BZAAAAAF MD & Gretchen (for the link!)

ana mchit
nta mchiti
howa mcha/ hya mchat
7na mchina
ntoma mchitou
homa mchaw

ana mchay (LOL - dont think its right)
nta mchay
howa mchay/ hya mchaya
7na mchayin
ntoma mchayin
homa mchayin

WTH? it doesn’t seem right, the present conjugations…


ahhahahahahahah hahhahahahahahah this is why i gave u this verb lolll
it is irregular lol

well in the present u can say

ana kanmchi
nta katmchi
howa kaymchi / hya katmchi
7na kanmchiw
ntoma katmchiw
homa kaymchiw

:flag: that wasn’t nice of you!!! meanie lol

it didn’t look right anyway, ana mchay??? hhhh sounds like “I… tea” :smiley:

thanks for that, i will save it

now try with the verb ‘‘kla’’ = to eat :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m going to say “ana klit” but that sounds soooo wrong. just give me the conjugation ofr “ana” and i’ll continue

loooolllll ur right in the past its ana klit
but what about the present ???


ana klit
nta kliti
howa kla / hiya klat
7na klina
houma klitou
ntouma klaw

present =S

ana kanakll ???
nta katakl
howa kaykl
hiya katakl
7na kanaklin (NO idea)
ntoma katkliw (loool)
homa kayklou (?)


loollll the past time is perfect
the present :

ana is good , the double L at the end is just a typing mistake i hope
nta is good
howa kayAkl
hya is good
7na kanaklou
ntouma kataklou
homa kayAklou

thankkkkkssss, Allah y7fdek, this was really helpful.

I’m outtie, got a long day ahead of me.


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[quote=Madridista]ahhahahahahahah hahhahahahahahah this is why i gave u this verb lolll
it is irregular lol

well in the present u can say

ana kanmchi
nta katmchi
howa kaymchi / hya katmchi
7na kanmchiw
ntoma katmchiw
homa kaymchiw[/quote]
um why is there a “Ka” in front of the words? Is that what occurs when you speak in present tense and does that hold true for all verbs or specific ones only?

Also is “inta” used for both “you” M&F ???

you know what? I don’t care if they’re the shittest team in the league, or even if they lose every single game i still love them…

  • most moroccans are barcawiyyin
  • Thierry Henry < ---- :okay:

o safi.

Mini, inta is for a male and inti is for a female… i think we forgot the verb conjuagtion for nti though… but i assume it’s the same sometimes

haha yeah I know Inti is for female :ok: its just u forgot to write it so I thought otherwise and also coz in some songs the male singer says inta to the girl instead of Inti which I have no idea why :huh:

yeah we forgot “nti” im so sorry mini

lalla :open_mouth: wtf ; most moroccans are barsawiyin , hahahahah in the next clasico i’ll invite u to watch it with us in a coffee shop and u’ll c :smiley:

mini looooolll yeah im sure u listen to rai music ; right ?

Aisha, you forget my homework…where’s your exercise on “l3b” (= to play). Yeah, I dont teach darija, and yeah u’r not my student, but it annoys me to find my students not doing my homework. As a punishment, an unexpected quiz…next sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

JK sis, but plz for my sake do “l3b” :^^:

Madrid, no thanks, your idea of “coffee club” scares me :unsure:

Gretchen, asifa ya albi euuh i mean ya ustada, i totally forgot about your post… shall i do it in fos7a or darija :stuck_out_tongue: i have no idea how this verb behaves

ok here’s my crap shot:


ana l3ebt
nta l3bti
nti l3bti
howa l3ba (LOL) / hiya l3bat
7na l3bina
ntoma l3bitou
homa l3baw


Present --> NO IDEA, because i have never heard this verb in a Moroccan context

but here’s what i would just say if i needed to use this verb desperately

ana al3abo
nta tl3abo
nti tl3abina
howa yl3abo
hiya tl3abo
7na (na7no) nl3abo
ntoma (ntoum) tl3boon
homa (houm) yl3aboon

hhhhh ok it didn’t work i guess :unsure:

Correct me a Gretchen, and please no test, I have enough stress due to ljami3a =)