One word please

Could someone please tell me how to say the word amazing in Darija?

“wa3r” or “wa3r bzzaf”

you can also use the Fos7a word “ra’e3”

thank you!

here is a slang word for amazing : mmot or mmot wa3er
u can also say ‘‘mheyeb’’

another word for amazing is “LallaAicha”



I said your LallaAicha and he said I’m WHAT? LOL anyway…can you please help me with one more??? It may sound strange but it’s something we always say and I want to say it to him and surprise him…“it’s just me and you” thank you…you guys are awesome! :^^:

it’s just me and you = ghir ana w nta

ps- lollll dont listen to what lalla aisha say :stuck_out_tongue: she doesnt take her drugs these days

could you please tell me what the following means? lah i3tik sehha

sa77a - to your health
llah y3tik sa77a - may god grant you health

i agree with mimi :ok:

good to know :slight_smile:

ur doin well a sata

thanks … but i may be doing well, though its not good enough :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah :smiley: true
u’ll speak it better than doudi :slight_smile: dont worry
im ur teacher :stuck_out_tongue:

lol is that even possible ?

hahha yeah dont worry lol coz doudi sux at darija hhhh

lol how? she seems pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:

ghir kayjeblek llah … kat3ref ghir ldarija dial dar , amma dial zen9a walo :no:

wach darouri tharf darija dial zen9a?