Numbers in Tashl7it

A quick post to teach you something new!

Let’s count in tashl7it:

1: Yân [large]???[/large]

2: Sîn [large]???[/large]

3: Krâd [large]???[/large]

4: Kkôz [large]???[/large]

5: Smmôs [large]???[/large]

6: SDîs [large]???[/large]

7: [large]??[/large]

8: Ttâm [large]???[/large]

9: TTzâ [large]???[/large]

10: Mrâw [large]???[/large]

thank you SM ! :ty:

I’ll try to memorize them.

tanmirt edem !

wooo tanmirt a outchma SM, just what i need since ive been too lazy lately and haven’t gone through any tashel7it notes :frowning: gotta get back into berber!