ntchouma ??????

why do some moroccans pronounce ntoma as “ntchouma” ? is it an accent thingy? :roll:

loooooool ma sami3na bi hada min 9abl

wech gelti “i never heard of this before” ???

i’m serious, i heard someone say that!! i thought they were saying shouma and i was like what’s shouma, until i found that they were actually saying ntouma, but with a tch sound… wallaaahi billah :blink:

rebbi rebbi ?? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
where r they from ???

Rabat i think.
Maybe someone else has also heard it, nchallah :smiley:

looolll so weird … 3ich nhar tsme3 khbar

LOOOOL thats how they pronounce “Tha” in a city in Algeria, where my fam is 4rm! :rofl: LOL they’re know as “7ayaweecha’s” coz they pronounce their “tha” as “ch” e.g thalatha becomes chalacha LOL its really funny, but I dont think its used all the time, and I haven’t heard it used for “inta/touma” lol

salaam kho o kht,

here’s the link: http://nastrou.skyrock.com/
listen to the first track, at about 0:22 he says it! “anaaaa wntchoumaaa”, tell me if its my speakers or if he really says ntchouma llah ykhllikom!!!

lol well apart from this is a regular moroccan rap , i dont c y u like this song that much
their pronounciation in ntouma is a lil bit exagerated , we dont pronounce it like that , but coz its a song u know they can say whatever they want :wink:

LA, it’s really funny that you bring this up. Yesterday, I was thinking about discussing this, but I thought that I’d get the same reaction you got from Madridista. Only people with a subtle linguistic ear -like you and me- can distinguish subtle pronunciation differences like that.
Let me tell you my conclusion: Rbatis and Casawis pronounce t as tsh. Soussis pronounce it as ts.
Seriously, I listen to Berber kids, and they say ts-ts-ts all the time. And Casawis say: ntcha merid wela malek!

In your track, LA, the tsh is not as clear as the one I hear in real life -tsk tsk-.

I hope that you feel more normal now.

ur right about the cazawi accent , but the rbati one is a lil bit different i think
im not talkin about new generations which take their accent from rap music , im talkin about the rbati authentic accent

@ Madrid, I told you :ok:

why do i like it so much? i didn’t say i like it ‘so much’ :stuck_out_tongue: but yes, i like it, and i really don’t know why, maybe because it’s… Moroccan?

@ DL, Great info there :slight_smile: Barakallahu fikkk akhty/khoya cough …though i find the ts very interesting :slight_smile: might try it on my trip to Maghreb nchallah :stuck_out_tongue: then the “kan wa7d soussi…” will begin =p

Watch out from the kan wa7d ssousi jokes, make sure you’re friends with the Soussi person first before offending them with that kind of jokes ;).

I wanted to bring your attention to the way you often respond to someone “thanks, kho”. Kho is like saying “brother of”, and we all stay hanging on to your keyboard waiting for the next word. You should say khoya, and khti. Kho and kht sound like nakira pending in the universe. -Ha-

I agree that the Casawi accent is different than the Rbati one, now that you mention it. I actually find the rbati one very classy, and I love their voice tone while speaking Darija. Awesome.

Yeah they’re saying that lol Dunno maybe they’re just personalising it lol

LOL DL, what I meant was that the other person will be assuming I’m Soussia (if i can pull it off that well) and tell me soussi jokes… ma3lich either way it’s not nice I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for the correction, I didn’t know that… but what’s “nakira”? lol

loooolll i agree with u :smiley: rbati girls r hots i mean their accent is good



walou :^^: