salam everyone!
im looking around thinking this is one of the few moroccan forums that is managing to stay alive so im hoping to become part of the community :^^:
hopefully i can learn a few things. i thought my darija was pretty good, cause we speak only arabic at home, but after going to maghreb this summer i discovered its not as great as i thought! These young people have made up new words for everything! Mafahmt walou with all their slang words! lol

Hello, Chamaliya :wink:

Welcome! It’s always so nice to see a new guys here!

Thanks Touta!

haha i’d thank you if you could come to the forum more often :wink: … guys are so busy lately lol

lol dont worry, i have nothing better to do until june when exams start, so i’ll be here a lot until then!

… actually we have many things to do here hahaha so feel free to join any talk and any game :wink: