As-salaam 3alaikum Sisters,

my name is Ahlam and i´m 20 years old, i live in germany and i was born in romania.
i convert for 4 months allhamdoulillah to islam :hap: ( i found the way alone )
I love Morocco, i was last years in casablanca and i can tell you, i feel me at home there and very much nice people…and more i love the Beach :^^:
my Boy is moroccan and he still live in morocco but inshallah he come in 4 months to me…until there i want to learn Darija for me and for him and to show him that i can learn alone without school :lol:

i was already reading here and i can only say…all here translate very good…:hap:

and inshallah i found some friends too;)

i wish all nice evening

salam :ange:

Wa 3alaykomo assalam wa ra7mato Allah.

Willkommen Ahlem, glad to have you with us :).
I hope that you’ll learn much Darija with us, and that you’ll not be shy to ask questions. Be active and you’ll certainly improve.
Have you sticked only to Casa when you came? Didn’t you visit other cities? Casablanca is far from being my favorite city, you sure like big cities then :).
See you around.

PS: What? You’re greeting only the sisters and not the brothers? :hap:
PPS: Maybe you should change your avatar? Another member already took it :smiley:

Mar7ba bîk “sister” :slight_smile:

did you notice that a few “brothers” were writing here sometimes ?

However, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Edit by me :

@SM : Casa is my favorite city, although I spent only 3 days there…

Onc’Kamel, 3 secondes difference between our welcomes :D.

Wa 3alaykomo assalam wa ra7mato Allah.
Welcome to the forum!! Hope ull enjoy it!!

we are the best !

no no no noooooooooooooo oh my god never i forget never our brother…i mean this with sister(s) i mean girls and boys…i never forget someone :^^: i´m sorry…next time i say brothers and sisters :^^:

and SimplyMoroccan…i saw only casablanca because i have not enough money to fly back to morocco…now i have new work and inshallah i cannot visit another city from morocco

sorry i mean i can…i´m little nerves :smiley:

LOL ! Be cool, sister, no problemo !

This forum is all but annoying, you’ll soon feel “comme chez toi” here, believe me !

Welcome again

thanks so much

We didn’t mean to attack you, we were just kidding :). You’ll hopefully soon get to know us better and see that we are cool over here, and like to joke with each other.
In sha Allah next time you come you can visit more cities, especially that Rabat for example is very close to Casablanca and visiting it wouldn’t cost you much.


you liek more rabat or which city is your favorite??

i still have not a favority but i will see

but the most imortant is that people are nice not like germany…

nobody talk bad with you there like here in my city…:smiley:

Agadir is my favorite, definitely!
Moroccan people are known to be very warm indeed :). You mean in Germany people would speak badly to you? Why? I heard that German people are a little bit cold, and very formal, but I never give much credit to stereotypes nor generalizations :).

yes they talk bad with you like

hey bitch i want to sleep with you or something like that

1.they talk bad with you because you are muslim
2.they are cold…they smile in your face but in your back they talk bad about you
3.only what they want is money money and fun ( i mean sex )

you can nobody trust…just your brother or sister
but in this time too not more…
more muslims walk like christians and i dont understand why…

thats all what you see and listen in germany

Talking behind ur back exists everywhere unfortunately

yeeeees but not extrem you know what i mean


And not respecting the teachings of Islam exists everywhere too, but thank God there are still people who respect their religion :). Just be the way you should be, and be good to others, and finally your good deeds will get back to you.

yes you have right…:ange:

Mr7ba bik Ahlam ! :welcome: