New user - introduction - hello

Hi everyone,
I have no idea about Moroccan Arabic & Darija, but I fell in love with Morocco and especially with Agadir plus there is someone special (yeah, I know, I’m not the only one) who is waiting for me to learn Darija - and that’s why I registered here. Hope to fnd some answers and teachers :slight_smile: I’m from Poland, btw.

Welcome Polish guy (or girl)…

What you’re looking for is available i believe at the moment…
besides the lessons & the useful lists on the home page, there are question asked here by people all the time, & sometimes even about other languages…

Here everybody learns from everybody, good luck.

Oh, sorry, I am a girl :slight_smile: And thanks again for the quick reply.

Uh huh !!! now i get the “someone special” thing :smiley:

Yeah, I know… Tell me one more thing, if possible. Is there a particular place/forum when one can discuss things like cultural differences, Moroccan traditions (my boyfriend is Berbere, if it changes anything), customs, family matters etc? I wish I knew more, but we speak French and I am not able to ask all my questions in that language :frowning:

Welcome to the forum, agadirfan.

You can ask all your culture-related questions in the cultural forum. We also have a forum for Berber, so you can use it too, it’s over here. The Berber of the region of Agadir is the one called Tachelhit, hence the name of the forum. So it’s spot on ;).

welcome agadirfan