New to the forum

Hello Im new to this forum I have joined as I need to try and learn to speak darija. I go to Tangier every summer to stay with my partners family and am fed up of sitting there not understanding conversations can someone please give me advice or help to learn the language Thankyou!

Welcome aboard NOAH.
Mostly in the forum we give the members the freedom to ask questions about Darija at their own pace, and let them learn by their own (as there are a few lessons in the website) and come ask for explanations. So my advice is that, since you’re used to come to Morocco, you define your own needs in phrases you usually feel the urge to say in plain Darija, and get them translated and learn them by heart :D. I guess that you won’t have much trouble with pronunciation. And try to remember phonetically what others say, transcribe it, and come figure out what it is. I know you can’t catch everything, just words, anything that will make you feel that you’re starting to get what’s the talk about.
Get started! :slight_smile:

:welcome: to the forum NOAH, I hope you will learn a lot in here, just ask :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Noah!

Mr7ba bik Noah.

I wonder if you are learning Darija through lessons and regular studying, or do you intend to rather learn according to your own rhythm?

see u around