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:mdr: no no dont worry she is busy with her bro’s wedding :^^: so i can say whatever i want hhhhh

haha awwwwwww her bro’s gettin married?? mashallah :hap:

yeah and she is dancin all the time … even now i guess she is dancing an oriental dance hehehheheheh

haha lol

me ??? loving ur post :no: no no no … impossible
i have an allergy with anythin is relationed to LA :^^:[/quote]
:roll: kddab kbiiiir

loollllll hna kamlin kansafrou :stuck_out_tongue: 9ete3ti lwer9a wla salet b7ali ??? :D[/quote]
yalla mad irkab…7na jayiin daba daba…:wink: