New to forum

Hi! I’m married to a Moroccan man from Taza. I live in the USA.

mar7aba…nass taza a7san nass

hahahhahahaha chkon kdeb 3lik hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
anyway welcome PKJ :wink: have fun

loooooool ach is good at sbagha
and mad hhhhhh you’re so mean

and pkj welcoooooooooooooooooooooooooooome to the forum, make yourself at home, and if you feel like some Moroccan tea, holla at me and i’ll bring it over :smiley: have a great time with us!!!

looolllll lalla no no no i cant say nothin about ppl from taza :slight_smile: i know no one from there … ooohhh noo i do loooollllllll i had a friend from taza l3olya hhhhhhhhh duuuuuude they have a funny accent lol we were always havin fun of him meskin but he was a good guy he never complained :slight_smile:

lolll ok, you think everyone’s accent is funny except for your own ugly slang street talk

no no no i only told u this about merrakchi and tazi accent :^^:
and funny doesnt mean bad :wink:

safi i get it. sorry pkj for spamming your thread :smiley: welcome again!!!

yeah sorry too :stuck_out_tongue:

iwa howa hada, sa7bi tazi dima we tease him and he never complains, so tazin 3zizin 3lia :slight_smile:

true ppl from taza r so friendly :slight_smile: