New to Darija

Hello eveyone I am Sarah from USA and have been involved with a man from Morocoo for 8 months now. I will be planing a trip to Morocco soon and have been learning the Moroccon language strickly from Mourad but it too slow going.

I often come to this site to help me but was wondering if there is an online Darija dictionary when I get stuck I just throw in the french word for what I need I know he will get it, but this not helping me to do it right.

Anyways reading and writing is going ok but cant even begin to speak it


Salam Sarah, mr7a bik :). Welcome to the forum.
So it will be your first trip to Morocco? I guess that you’ll be able to understand Darija when you hear it even if you can’t speak much, but it’ll be good if you try to speak too.
There is no dictionary set yet, but that’s a good idea. There is still much to do about the forum and website, hopefully we’ll be progressing bit by bit too.
See you around!

Welcome Sarah :welcome:


welcome sarah
gald to have u among us

mr7a bik :slight_smile:

Mar7ba bik Sarah ! :welcome:

Hi Slmoore and welcome among us.
If it can helps you, I started to make a little document (excel) which looks like a lexique.
It’s French to Darija and I made it by collecting the vocabulary I found, so it’s probably that there’s mistakes in it, but if its interesting you, I can send it to you. :slight_smile:

welcome Sarah. Speaking darija will be easy for you because you already have an instructor at home!
i hope seeing you soon here!

Thank you everyone for your kind welcome

elise_m ~ I know no french either mourad say it would be so much easier if i did.
the excel idea sounds great ill have to try one for english with the wourd i know

I tried to to be cute ans send a text messagfe to Mourad in compleate Darija … what a mess he come online and ask what the heck was I trying to say, when he showed me the proper way I was soooo off.

Yes this will be my first trip to morocco but before I go I will also be going to Dubai in feb with Mourad

Thank you

we have something in common: i do have a love in morocco and i learn darija to go to meet my love in morocco. good luck. you’ll be happy by his side!!!

awwwww bless you, sarah, that’s cute about the text
you WILL get better, love :D:D

Online there is just an moroccan-spanish dictionary as pdf, I’m working (not so successful) on an german-moroccan online dictionary. But you can buy an english-moroccan moroccan-english dictionary by Richard s. Harrell. It has quite a strange transcription for the arabic letters, but it’s possible to get used to it and better than nothing.

Are you publishing your work on a website?

No, it’s not a website yet, it’s just a forum to collect words and to learn. To see it click on the website link from my profile.

hi, how are you/ I am also going to morocco to get married. I have known muine for almost a year and i am so happy. I have heard so many people say that moroccan men are worth the wait…and i agree. Ofcourse there are good and bad…like with any place. Anyway, my guy told me to just learn standard arabic and then when i go there he can teach me darija…but i wanted to learn some to surprise him and to be able to talk to his mom. I tried to find a dictionary…no luck…if you find one please post it here. take care.

Welcome to the forum, Muslima.
You can start by learning the very basic expressions that will be of great use in day to day life, such as greetings expressions, thank you, etc.
Good luck!

“moroccan men are worth the wait”



But not all :unsure: