New to Darija

Hi…just introducing myself to the forum and hopeful that I can learn Darija…I am a Brit that has married a Moroccan Lady and we have decided that we shall live here in Morocco…and therefore I need to learn Darija…my school boy french (very bad…tres mal) is helping me a little but as the old saying goes when in Rome…so I am trying to learn the language and am hoping that this site will assist me :-)…and after going through all the legalisations and Administrations for the Marriage (Moudawana) and Residency I know I need to learn it even more hahahaha…especially when I need to renew my residency…like Angie I have also found it difficult to practice Darija as family members want to improve their English as do friends.

I look forward to learning Darija

Welcome Abdelhadi :slight_smile: to the forum, and to Morocco!
You have to make it a reciprocal exchange with your family members, some time for English and lots of time for Darija, doesn’t that sound fair and logical? :wink: They learn English at school, and you learn Darija only from life! :slight_smile:

I truly hope that the website current lessons (and future coming ones inshallah) will be useful to you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about things you want clarified, no matter how “silly” the question could sound to you. We’re here to assist you.


Welcome to you Abdelhadi :slight_smile:

Salam Alaikum Abdelhadi-- welcome to the forum, i am also new here- and i was recently married in Morroco as well. - i am back in the USA- for time–since i have to deal with Dr. and insurances company here- but, we do plan to make Morocco our homeland in a few yrs, Inshallah… :slight_smile: i wish i knew french. i know spanish since i am Latina/Mix- (mexican-french- from father / and german-japanese from mother) really would love to speak the language to communicate with my husband family and all the ppl. Husbands speaks 5 fluently-but-its hard when he over there and i am over here…

salam abdelhadi. i’m donny from brazil. i’m studying darija because my greatest dream is to live in that country some day. i do believe in allah and i’m sure that this dreanm will come true soon. you’re lucky for living there!!! you can practice your darija day by day. all the best donny

mr7ba bik Abdelhadi !


Welcome to the forum !
see u around
looking forward to answer ur questions!