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Salam ,
Ismi Dalton,
je suis irlandais mais j’habite en France, j’adore votre pays et par la suite veut apprendre le darija, je suis très content d’avoir trouvé votre site,
Egalement je suis à la recherche d’une correspondante pour des échanges des langues par skype, 20 mins Darija=20 mins anglais/Gaélique/français.
Si vous etes interessés envoyez moi un mail. Ceci est un message serieux.
Shokran Jiddan

my post is a little “over formal”, So here’s more about me, I’ve been to Morroco 3 times already, I am returning shortly for another couple of weeks, I have been learning Classical arab for the last 6 months and trying to learn Darija at the same time, but it’s not easy,
I just learnt the words " Haz el bote" ,I thought it meant “alors on danse” but apperently it’s more “raise your bellybutton”


There aren’t many songs with darija lyrics on youtube, it’s a pity, for the moment I’ve found a song lalla fatima with lyrics, ok maybe a bit overdramatic, and the Moroccan national anthem, great tune, it’s funny I find it sounds almost eastern european at times, the lyrics are also hard to place in everyday conversation.

Other wise I have found a good website for vocabulary
It only has MSA for the moment, If anyone wants to make a list??

welcome dalton, ill reply with some links when i have a minute! great to have you here you are welcome

If you find a good place where one can find people who wish to teach darija trough skype, please let me know. I’ve been looking for some time now for someone serious who wishes to help me learn darija on skype. Most people are just “psychos” though, as I have come to learn the hard way :confused:

Wow, I’d like to know that too. Found some other dialects (by accident), but not darija

I can’t help you re. skype (great idea, though),
but if you need a textbook I would highly recommend the Peace Corps’
“Moroccan Arabic” which you can download for free from their site

With two new French speakers around, it would be good if we could re-introduce French, there used to be a lot of French speakers around, and it might attract more. I can read French, but don’t speak or write it very well, but - if you have time - maybe those of you who are bilingual (or tri-lingual) could sometimes post in both English and French ?

Oh, and hi / salut / labas / dalton !

Thanks for the tip, I downloaded it and have begun reading :slight_smile:

Merci pour les conseils, je suis au maroc actuellement à marrakech, J’ai pris un appart à Essaaada en face de la mosque pendant 2 semaines, J’aime beaucoup le mode de vie , Je suis le seul Occidental dans le quartier, souvent quand j’essaye de parler en Darija on me réponds en francais directement mais là mon accent s’ameliore et je parle de plus en plus , le kiff!!!
malheureusement je repars demain

aussi j’ai trouvé une autre site avec beaucoup de MP3 de darija/ C’est c’est pas mal du tout

Thank you for all the advice, I’m in Morroco at the moment in marrakesh, I’ve a flat in Essaada across from the Mosque for 2 weeks, I’m really enjoying the lifestyle, I’m the only westerner in the neighbourhood and often when i try to converse with the locals they respond in French but my accent’s improving and I’m speaking more and more, Soo exciting!!!
Unfortunately back home tomorrow

Also I’ve found a cool site with audio files in Darija it’s not bad at all

Kenbreeb ladkom b’zzaf, kanhes b’rasi m’zyan

let’s spread the knowledge

Thanks for the site, it’s very good to hear audio instead of just reading. But I must ask, do they have some kind of accent or something, because they (the recorded voices) do not sound like the darijaspeaking people I know (my family from Rabat), for example they don’t say the darijan word for “Yes” in the same way I’m used to hearing.

I think accents can vary from place to place which complicates things slightly :slight_smile:

hahaha, i can be your teacher via Skype, but only once per week… well you know, i work all the week, and maybe i could be free the saturdays. So, any interrested?

tbark llah 3lek adafir

I am very interested in this since it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, it would be very kind of you.

Nice BaraSara, who else is interrested??
Just be all welcome !!!

mar7aba bik m3ana !

Ok, so can you send me your adress to skype or how do you want to do this? :slight_smile:

demon666child, that’s my skype’s username… plz, don’t get scared !!

daltonman1 is my psuedo on Skype,
I’m really excited by this idea,
I think that everybody, today, has very little time, for long lessons every week. maybe we should all add each other and when we see each other online, politely ask If someone is free for a 20 minute chat, each person has 10 minutes for themselves ,where they can just chat or ask for help reading an article or translating or whatever, and then 10 minutes where they can do the same.
It can be strange having someone don’t know on the line, We should try and keep it as work based as possible,( we are after all on a speak morrocan forum, we don’t want a chatroulette result
)We’d need to set down some ground rules I suppose, I’m generally against rules but with so many nutters on the internet, No personal questions I guess. There is a very
Or maybe a better solution would be those of you that already know each other, try it out once or twice and see If there’s any new ideas or ways we could work this, maybe we could have qualified users who help out newbies,
heck we should just start and see where it goes

talk soon

I think that’s a great idea, to really learn how to speak and understand a languange I think you really do need to talk to living people and practice. But like I said I’m afraid of people abusing it, using it as a pick-up thing which I think is morally wrong and just really unpleasant. Hope this works out :slight_smile: I’ll add you DAFIR to my Skype list, I’ll try not to be scared though your name is a bit frightening, thanks for offering your help :slight_smile: