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Hello everybody!

Im moroccan from sweden. Im glad I found this site. Hope to have a lot of fun.


HI fantastique, welcome to this, also quite fantastic forum… The more the fantastic people, the better. :smiley: mre7ba bik akhtyyy (i’m guessing you’re a kht coz you type like one :stuck_out_tongue: )

See you arounnnnnnnd

Salaam FantastiQue !

Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

mr7ba bik FantastiQue !!

welcome :slight_smile:

ps- hope its a SHE :S enough from boys in this forum :frowning:

‘enough from boys’?! there are hardly any boys dude wat u on about??? :huh:

i knowww i agreeee with ya minnosh; this forum is like allergic to guys, they come and then they’re never seen again… except for mad, coz he’s the virus of the forum, && you can’t have a forum without a virus… and then we have PB who is the prof. of the forum, he sticks around to whip you with his red pen when you get something wrong :smiley:

maybe i need to be the man of the forum since we don’t have them

le3yalate sirou kouzina

mar7ba bi fantastika

lmao za3ma haha dats soo true haha :smiley: 2 boys and he’s complainin :roll:

:smiley: i wish there was no man here :stuck_out_tongue: only me wuahhhahahahhahhah … but dont worry im workin on this
why do u think ouazz and ach quit the forum hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ach quittt???

lol did they? :huh: and why wud u wanna be da only dude? :roll: if its for attention reasons ur wrong evil laugh :wink: besides we have PB here :hap:

Welcome to the forum, Fantastique, we hope that you’ll become an active member.

PS: Welcome back, Hiba. Nice to see you around.

hahahah mini no no PB is ok :smiley: he is khwanji …

Yes cors PB’s k but dat means u can’t be da only dude here…hard isn’t it? :wink:

ok we ll c :smiley:

waiting and watchin :roll:

Whazzi whazzi =D jaja en marockan till från sverige najs ju :slight_smile: FantastiQue… du e säkert fantastisk det tror ja men inte lika fantastik som mig…allt e bara fantastiskt om mig :wink: haha nej flippa bara
förresten välkommen, lätt att du kommer trivas här, dom e alla schyssta och roliga, och om du skulle ha några frågor att ställa här tveka nt bara fråga på!

du får ha d så bra och logga in oftare

[quote=Za3ma]ach quittt???
he missed you too much so he jumped off a bridge. :blink: go collect his pieces and join them back.

I can now feel my breakfast coming back up :S