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I am a new member from New York. I joined because I have a friend from Casablanca and I want to try to learn more about her language. I am doing ok speaking with her but I am having a hard time with typing a conversation in Moroccan. Thanks!


Welcome titi :slight_smile:
You’ll find helpful people over here and you’r gonna learn how to write in darija, thou it’s simple :wink:
Enjoy your time…

welcome …
u mean u can speak darija with no problems … but u cant write it , right ?

welcome titi :smiley: enjoy and be enlightened :wink:

Salam 3laikum, si/lala titi.

Mar7aba bik!

hey welcome to the forum!

We are here to help :smiley:

see ya around

thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I am not great at speaking either I can understand and speak simple conversation only. I look forward to your advice and tip!!


welcome titi13 :slight_smile:

welcome titi im sure u will have a great time here and u will learn for sure
welcome among us :^^:

this is my first lesson for you
(darija) ana men merikan = (English) I"m From America

hhhhhh derti le3ba dial wadkholouha bi sebbatekom hhhhh
3erfna 3lik au moins a sat :wink: