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I´m new here too!I come from Turkiye and I want to learn Darija!I learn now since two years!Hamdolilah it goes very fast!:wink:

Wa 3alaykom ssalam. :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum Dunya. I am glad you found us. How is it going with Darija? Do you get to practice it often?
See you around.

wa 3alaykom essalam!!welcome to the forum :d

mar7ba dunya, you’re so welcome here :smiley:
we have another turk actually, MonPaysMaroc, where is she?! LOL
anyway, i hope you enjoy it here, i am very sure you will :slight_smile:

Welcome Dunya!

yayyy another turk, welcome & merhaba dunya :hap:

Alaykum Salam.

Welcome, enjoy your stay!

wa alaikom essalam

mr7ba bik Dunya !!