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My name is Charlotte. I live in DC but i am from Manchester, well my family are… i am actually from a place called Blackpool, its not far from manchester, you should go, it is a great place. Loads to do!

Moved to your own intro thread :).
Welcome to the forum, Charlotte. I hope that you’ll like it here, and that you’ll find what you expect.
See you around!

hey charlotteee :smiley:
i live in manchesterrr :hap: and i’ve been to blackpool toooo many times [countless] LOVE THE PLACE !!! :wink:
have a goooood stay here :slight_smile: xx

I miss Blackpool…lol
I am going back home for a few days in October! Cant wait! What are you doing in Manchester? where abouts in Manchester do you live? My family are from various parts, Salford and Greater Manchester! I hope you support Manchester United…lol

ohh yesss, nobody else :hap:
awww, have fun in october then, hey :smiley:
well i’m from didsburyyy :slight_smile:
i was born here, lived here allll my life, this wonderful city of RAIN :sick: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes…the rain!!! I am not looking forward to the expense of coming home!!! :frowning:
My family say that it so expensive now at home!

:yes: that’s trueee !! everything is getting ridiculously expensive … but you’ll manage :smiley:
and the raaaain, that’s what i love about manchester :slight_smile:
have you ever heard the beautiful south song ‘manchester’ ?? :wink:
sums this lovely city up, all in a few minutes :lol:

Mr7ba bik Charlotte ! :welcome:

Welcome Charlotte! :slight_smile: