New Member- Tunisia versus Morocco?

Salaam aleykum !

I just joined. I am interested in learning Moroccan Arabic for study and to go to Morocco. I lived in Tunisia for over a year and studeid some dialect when I was there, but that was a few years ago and I have forgotten a lot of it. I would like to relearn and improve on Tunisian dialect and learn Moroccan. Can some people tell me if there is much difference between these dialects and the best way to learn and practice Moroccan Arabic? I have studied some Fus Ha as well, but I am more interested in talking with people so I think dialect is a good idea.



marhba bik Amal :slight_smile:

my best friend’s mom is tunisian, when she speaks, I understand almost all of what she says but the dialect is a little bit different, well, not too different as the egyptian or the lebanese dialect.

I think knowing some tunisian will help you to learn moroccan faster, we’ve got many common words, sometimes the prunication isn’t the same, but still the same words. I don’t know if there are any moroccans where you live, talking to them will be an excelent start to learn moroccan. And of course, we’re always to help =)

From watchint Tunisian TV i can get a high percentage when hearing Tunisian dialect. it’s not too far from Moroccan & Algerian, & even Libyan.