New Member....sorda....

[color=#f608e8][b][b]Hi everyone,
I am not really a new member, I actually have just been laying low for awhile. I found late last summer when my husband was away, in Morocco, visiting family. He, of course, has been back for some time now and I would like to think my Darija has improved ever so slightly. My mother in law is in the states visiting as this is her first time in America. She speaks NO ENGLISH and she and I are doing the best we can. I am so happy to see her but my heart aches because I wish I could talk with her and carry on a conversation with her without problems. I know she feels the same way too.

My husband is awful about teaching me darija and I mostly just pick up words by constantly listening to him speak to his friends. He doesn’t really go out of his way to teach me…but I am still trying to learn!!

Speakmoroccan has helped me on msn. and I still study when i get the chance.

I am getting back into my lessons and hope to visit the site more often, inshAllah!



hey Celina! :slight_smile:

Welcome to speakmoroccan forum! were glad to have u among us
Im glad that u learnt some darija words or phrases from us and if u have any questions just ask!

see ypu around and enjoy :wink:


Welcome to speakmoroccan! Just look around here are plenty of lessons and links to even more and if you have a question just ask.

Mr7ba bik Celina !