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Hi, I’m Mexican american and my husband is from Marrakech, and I was just there a week ago and would like to learn more morrocan, so I can communicate more with my mother in law, eventhough we understand eachother it just be great to stop talking and signing at the same time. Plus maybe one day we will move there insh’allah. So I need to learn

Welcome aboard Liza(tkrm) ^^
How was it in Marrakech? Not too hot for you, I hope!
I hope that you’ll find the forum and all other resources helpful to you in order to learn.

See you around.

[color=#e41adc]Hola, and hope u will enjoy ur time here with us… Soy tambien latina y mi esposo es de Morocco- Miss the country alot- and husband is now in Greece working to many hours… Lookin forward to reading ur postings soon…Inshallah[/color]

you’re welcome dear liza :^^:

Mr7ba bik Liza! :cool:

Now we want to see your first questions about darija in the forums. Start working! :slight_smile: