New Member Clay

Hello all!

My name is Clay and I am a complete novice in MSA and Darija. I am currently learning MSA and French with the Rosetta Stone software in order to supplement the education in Arabic (MSA and Darija) I will be receiving at the Qalam wa Lawh ( center in Rabat.

My girlfriend is Moroccan so I often use this site to find romantic things to say to her in Darija. You have already been a great help to me in that respect, so I decided to join and use this as a part of my educational journey.

I am eager to learn and look forward to great discussions herein.

HEYY ! Welcome!
im glad this forum was a help to you!
see you around

Salâm Clay, and welcome aboard.
Glad to see you join the forum, and quit being a secret reader :). I hope that you’ll be an active member.
See you around.

mr7ba bik Clay !


Shokran for the warm welcome. I have a question. How do I subscribe to a topic so that I am notified when one of my posts receives a reply?

hey clay, welcome aboard :slight_smile:
just underneath my post now, it says “Subscribe to this topic” :hap:
anyway, glad to have you with us, i hope we can help xD

(okay, or whoever’s the last post is when you read this, not necessarilly still gonna be mine) :wink:

Basically, when you open a topic, then you’re automatically subscribed to it. And when you reply to a specific topic, you can check a small box you see underneath the message space which says “subscribe to this topic”.
Some members complained about notification problems lately, so that must be the reason why you’re not receiving any (if that’s the case).

Wakha I understand it now and I checked that subscribe box when I first wrote this topic, but I am still not receiving email notifications. Maybe I will check my preferences in my account. I must have an option disabled in my preferences that is preventing me from receiving the notifications.

I leave for my trip to Morocco in 18 days inshallah and I am nervous/excited all at once. Any advice from people here as to what I should remember to bring from the U.S. for a 3 month trip to Rabat?


nope, i’ve never had the pleasure of going :frowning: is it your first ever time going? WOW, i envy you xD have a great time! awwwww :slight_smile:
i don’t think anybody gets sub e-mails, just check your profile here on SM, and click “see all posts” and you can see if anybody has posted after you on any threads xD that’s what i do and it does me pretty well :slight_smile:

I was just checking back, and noticed that you’re heading to Morocco soon. I wish you a safe trip :).
I wouldn’t know what you should bring, but Rabat is a big city, and I don’t think that you won’t find there anything you need.

Shokran, SM. I leave in 2 days.