New member: Celeena

new member as of today…i was fortunate enough, to go to Morocco in 2008. not with a tour group or staying in a hotel. I stayed with a family in Taza. I fell in love with the country and the people. now i am trying to learn the language. I am wanting to return and be able to communicate with the wonderful people I met. can anyone suggest books or programs to help speed my education of the language. I found two books but the publish date is very old.

welcome Cel…
i dont trust a lot books in darija … here in SM there r a lot of lessons that can help u a lot
besides u can always post ur questions or ur translations and natives will be so pleased to help u

I don’t think publish date matters…even if it’s a 1990 edition for example, the language is still the language, it has changed since then but it still a part of the daily dialogues…no big deal.

Welcome to the forum, Celeena. We have a list of books suggestions in our Moroccan Store (powered by Amazon), most of which we got from the recommendations of other Moroccan Arabic learners in this thread.
Feel free to ask any questions, we’re here to help.

mer7aba celeeeeena