new member and issue with r

Hi, I want to learn Darija, but cannot trill my r like it says you have to in the first lesson. Would I be understood in Morocco if I cannot do this?

Welcome to the forum, Raikoh.

Yes, you will still be understood. It’s okay to speak with an accent, Moroccans love foreigners who try to speak Darija.

besides there r some moroccans who dont pronounce the R properly … ppl from fes for example
and it sounds great btw

welcome dude :wink:

Welcome on broads Raikoh :slight_smile:
I see pronunciation of R differs from every language… But as an Arab I can tell you don’t worry :wink:
Nice to meet ya :slight_smile:

(ps: so happy to know that moroccans like foreigners trying to speak Darija :D)

welcome raikoh
don’t let anything put u down :wink: even me, as a talented accent imitator, sometimes i have problems with certain sounds… it’s all about practice, and if it STILL doesn’t work after practice it’s no big deal… like the ppl above said, there’s a city in Morocco where ppl don’t pronounce the r and its pretty normal… so be cool :wink:

see you around, and enjoyyyy your precious time with us :smiley:

Welcome Raikoh :wink:

Yes… it’s absolutely true !!

its true walah though its seems wierd to me honestly

welcome with us Raikoh inshalah you will have a great time and learn more :^^:

Thanks for the support, I’m looking forwards to learning and speaking some Darija. Arabic languages have always kinda seemed out of reach, but this site does seem to make it seem a lot simpler so here goes… :smiley: