new hello!

I begin again with my presentation, since some messages have been lost and I was not more registered.
So I am from France (with polish origins), and my husband lives in Morocco. We are married for 4 years now and we will live in morocco together from this summer.

Nice to meet all of you

Welcome again, emy. I am glad that you registered again, and sorry about the lost messages.
If you still have your translation requests saved somewhere, you can post them again.

Wellcoem again Emy, nice to see ya back too… :hap:

Wish ya a greattime here :okay:

No matter for the lost messages, there were not so many.

Welcome to the forum!
see you around :slight_smile:

WELCOME AGAIN EMY, you proved loyal :wink: good thing you re-registered!! :smiley: have a lovely time with us, and keep yourself posting :slight_smile:

Bsalama 3lik

mr7ba bik emy!