New from Middle East

Hello everybody, nice joining his fantastic forums,
I really love morocco and dieing to visit it but my problem is not speaking Moroccan or French . . . :cry:

welcome dude :smiley:
and dont worry u’ll visit it one day :stuck_out_tongue: incha allah

Welcome ILM…
you’re gonna find here natives and they’re so helpful too. And surprise, they are fluent in English :wink:

Out of curiosity, you don’t know Darija but love Morocco, are you an OL fan?

Hi! Wellcome to the virtual morocco!

Hello and :welcome: =)

I hope you’ll enjoy your time on the forum

WELCOME to the forum!!

p.s: I Love Morocco more, yeah :smiley:

Oh! What a nice nickname, you almost beat me! ALMOST!
Welcome. Where in the middle east are you frm?

wa naaaaaaaaaaaari ch7al fik dial tberguig a DL hhhh

Amalek, ghir chkrena (complimented) rrajel aw ssiyida 3ela nickname dialha. Malke ze3ma katre77eb b chi wa7ed bela ma tehouf nicknamou?

Aji be3da a had Madi, malek akhoya 7adini? :stuck_out_tongue:

looooll 9ellet maydar a khti

Sir sir qera lik jouj kelimat yenaf3ouk sir

and let’s fight elsewhere and not ruin the thread of the Morocco love who disappeared lol

loooll she was loving morocco before she realized that ur a member here :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow!!! At least you assume that someone is a female! I can see some progress here lolll

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 3ndak almossiba ysde9 rajel :S
mafia matzere9li 3ini :frowning:

lolll @ lmossiba
Never heard a man use that before lolll

@ I love Morocco:
Just curious over here… Are you a he or a she?

ha2 w chno lli jdid loooll nti dima curious … aji t’es pa coifeura par hazard ?

3lach ze3ma coiffeura beddabt?

le centre national de 7dyan et tbreguig ( CN7T )

:stuck_out_tongue: baykha

alors nti coifeura :smiley: