New from Malaysia

Hello! Labas. i’m a new member from malaysia. i received my bachelor degree in morocco. i would like to recall my darija vocabs…this forum is very very interesting and helpful

Welcome to Speak Moroccan, norhayuza :).
Wow, how did you manage to study in Morocco? Was it in English.
I am confident that you will find here all the help you need concerning Darija, as long as you ask questions ;).

See you around!

It was a long-long time ago. 1989-1994. I lived in Agdal. My degree was in Arabic language. That’s why I prefer to speak “fusha” with my Moroccan friends. But i really love darija. I was always in trouble when moroccans speak in darija so fast… now i can relearn & respeak darija. thanks for this forum

Hey there, wellcome again :slight_smile:

i hope we 'll be of a good help to you…
enjoy around :okay:

WOW great experience norhayuza, only the lucky get a chance to study in morocco :smiley:
welcome to the forum and don’t hesitate to explore :slight_smile:

mr7ba bik norhayuza !

Welcome to the forum!
see u around